Conversational AI to automate communication

AI algorithms work in the background adapting virtual assistant to buyers/sellers needs.
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Real estate customer service handled by Virtual Assistant

Improve workflows and productivity

Real estate agents have to answer repetitive questions all day long and they quickly lose their motivation. What if you could automate these uninspiring tasks? agentichat does just that. Let you team focus on what they are good at...selling properties.

Reply smarter and faster

agentichat shortens the wait time by answering real estate related questions in a flash. They collect insights about buyers, sellers and their needs helping your team reduce resolution time.

Not only that, agentichat can also handle an unlimited number of queries at a time, not possible by a human.

Support customers around the clock

A smart virtual assistant is ready and waiting to help buyers and sellers at any time of the day. This is especially important when you are dealing with international buyers. Deliver consistent support and make sure every customer gets the help they wanted.

Generate leads automatically

agentichat is like your magic wand. Conversational agentichat lets you engage customers proactively. Connect with potential leads in real-time and pass new contacts to your customer management system automatically.

The smarter AI for Real Estate

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Grow without adding overhead

Become more efficient at less cost...

Growing your business doesn't need to mean increased cost. Virtual assistant enables you to scale your customer service without scaling up the headcount.

Increase conversation rates

A successful real estate business...

Good customer relationships form the basis of successful real estate business. With virtual assistant, you will build strong connections by engaging users coming to your website. Support visitors browsing your listings and help them find and purchase the property.

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