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Only for Real Estate

Not meant for any other industry...
AgentiChat is made specifically for the real estate business. it is trained for all real estate queries whether it is residential or commercial real estate.

Rental& Condominium

Yes! It takes care of that too...
Your virtual assistant is smart to figure out whether the customer is looking for a rental or condominium. It answers all the questions, grabs their contact details, and let them know that their information is delivered to the agent.

Enhance customer experience

Lead customers by the hand starting from the first contact. Guide them through your website using interactive elements and provide personalized recommendations to make them feel taken care of.

AI scalability and the human approach

Combine AI technology and a human touch to deliver seamless customer support. With virtual assistant, your customers can self-serve, get instant replies and connect with human agents when required.

Connect with messenger

Connect with messenger to make it easier for followers and the potential leads to get in touch. Start engaging with your social media byers and sellers.

Instant notification of leads

As soon as the chat session ends, you get an automatic email or SMS notification providing you all lead details. This makes follow-up quick and easy.

Better than web forms

Your virtual assistant collects buyers and sellers details in a user-friendly way. This effortlessly gathered data will transform into a better customer experience.

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