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Last modified: May 24, 2022

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Agent iChat values its clients’ privacy and per takes all necessary precautions to ensure customer privacy is honored. As a way of affirming this, our privacy policy thereby extends though is limited to within the boundaries elaborated below;

-Our location being Canada, we observe and have inculcated into our privacy policy all the procedures and requirements dictated by the Federal & Provincial Privacy Act of Canada.

– As per the requirements in the recent international amendments in the laws governing cookie use, we do not activate cookies during your interaction with our website without your explicit knowledge and confirmation.

-Information about your engagement with our website is not shared outside the boundaries of our staff and is only used to serve you as per your requirements as well as ensure general better service provision to our overall clientele base. However, clients can bar us by asking us not to use the provided information for any other purpose other than that specified by them when they passed on the information to us. A log of all data collected about our clients can be presented to them upon their explicit request for it from us.

-To ensure better service provision and also considering the fact that we are in the digital marketing business, we do apply IP tracking and geo-locating software on all computers that interact with the website or as required in the process of serving our clients. This is done within the boundaries demarcated by international and local laws governing the use of this software. Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics plus some other software that is used for similar purposes are exploited to do so.

-No private information like email addresses, phone numbers, your name, or any other information considered private as stated in the laws governing our locality concerning our field of work is gathered without you acknowledging us to do so.

-The security of all the information you pass on to us in the process of us serving you is one of our high priorities. To ensure this we do not only guard against its disclosure or access by unauthorized personnel but also ensure it is not destroyed, altered, or damaged in any way whatsoever. We employ the best high-end software, track record of proven practices, and top-notch brains in the technology field to ensure this as well as restrict access to this information not only to our reputable employees but also to highly credible contractors we hire as a means us offering better services to our clients.

-For legal purposes or matters of any legal issues that may arise from either our side of the clients’. As required by the laws governing us, client information may be shared with third parties but only as a result resort, after all, other possible legal solutions have been exhausted and found inconclusive. The information can only be passed on if legal authentic documents have been presented to us by the concerned parties, and following the required legal policies and procedures; the sharing is only limited to within the necessary boundaries.

-Should there be a merger, acquisition, or asset sale that our company is part of; we will not only notify all our concerned clients ahead, during, and after the process. But also, will ensure the privacy policies observed by our company as elaborated within this document are upheld. And should there be a need for any changes in relation to our privacy policy, we will inform you before changes take effect and also explain why they need to be enacted as well as their possible effects in connection to your interaction with us.

-About the public services and activities that we and our clients engage in regards to our website like blogging. Clients should note that it is inherent to the aim these services seek to archive that information posted there is publicly visible. Hence any personal information posted there is publicly accessible and could also be indexed by search engines. As well as be used by us or any other party online or offline in promotional, commercial, or any other form of media. We thereby advise our clients who join any of our discussion forums to desist from posting any form of private information in the above-named areas of our website.

-As for any information provided to us for billing as a result of the services we have provided to you. We not only advise you to share it with us over a secure internet connection but also assure you that it will only be shared with officially recognized reputable third parties that offer services about billing. The billing information will also be kept secure and not used for any other purpose whatsoever other than that for which it has been provided.

-In a bid to serve you better we may collect information about your web browser, geographical location, computer, smart/mobile phone, or any other device/mechanism you have used to surf our web pages. This information is used in ensuring better service provision to you and our other clients in one way or another but with maximum consideration of your privacy.

-We reserve the right to alter, modify, or change this privacy policy without your permission or explicit knowledge. Though where possible we will try to inform our clients when the changes are made, it is not a must that we have to do so.

-More information about our commitment to ensure your privacy is well detailed in the Canada Privacy Act which we observe in and out.

As used in this document "we" and "us" refer to Agent iChat and its staff.

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